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Steps to Choose a Digital Marketing Agency for your Online Business

Digital Marketing Agency - Food Industry

In the age of Covid-19, digital marketing agencies are taking over. With all the options available (and it sure feels like we have too many!), how do you find the right one for your business?


We’re halfway through 2021, and foodservice business owners can no longer turn a deaf ear to the post-Covid economic predicament. As eCommerce keeps winning new ground, digital marketing agencies are popping up like mushrooms after spring rain. The more you are online, the more you realize your business needs one. Obviously, the choice is crucial to your virtual success (which wins you real money!). The question is, what should you look for in a digital marketing agency?

Benefits of Working with An Industry-Specific Digital Marketing Agency

An experienced digital marketing agency can furnish you with tools and strategies that no in-house marketer can manage alone. The benefits include:

While there are many factors to keep in mind, we’ll walk you through no more than three core points we consider particularly important for foodservice businesses looking for a great digital marketing agency.

3 Core Criteria for Deciding on a Great Digital Marketing Agency


1. Check for Industry-Specific Expertise (for Professional Solutions)

First, you need a company that knows the tricks of the trade, the trends, the competition, and how to best leverage your business strengths to boost online profits and brand awareness.

So, where should you start looking? Of course, any reliable digital marketing agency has a presentation website, and preferably one that proves there is reliability beyond all the flashy “marketing talk.” Therefore, browse agencies with a solid, industry-relevant portfolio to see if they’ve worked with similar companies in your market segment; all the better if they have case studies (we love these here at Dine Agency)! The latter typically supply detailed insights into their performance (KPIs) and long-term results.

You might be wondering: why so much focus on industry-specific knowledge? Isn’t any digital marketing agency supposed to know…well, marketing? Here’s the catch. Let’s say you are a wholesale food supplier in NY. A marketing vendor with clients in this specific market segment knows local trends and competitors inside out. So blending your unique brand vision with the vendor’s extensive industry experience can only yield a winning strategy.

2. Choose a Full-service Agency (for Complete Market Coverage)

But a winning digital strategy has many, many facets. Here are just a few of the things that an excellent digital marketing agency should be capable of:

  • Full-funnel marketing strategies with an efficient, industry-tailored message;
  • Robust and SEO-driven content flawlessly executed across all of your platforms (website landing pages, blogs, promotions, social media posts);
  • Impressive, brand-tailored design for all content and business materials: anything from website discount banners to social media posts about your seasonal varieties;
  • CRM systems to help you connect to customers and improve your profitability;
  • The capacity to build a cohesive, reliable brand image that existing or potential clients can trust.

To sum things up, a truly “full-service” will know how to drive results from each platform and marketing segment, so be sure to inquire about their previous work, relevant metrics, and other indicators of a finely tailored and all-embracing approach.


3. Seek Vendors with Similar Core Values (for a Smooth Collaboration)

When you open a conversation with a potential digital marketing agency, make sure to state your expectations on your forthcoming collaboration. Do you want to be a consistent part of the marketing process, bringing in your own ideas and suggestions, or would you like the vendor to handle it all for you? The latter approach typically saves business owners a lot of valuable time. But regardless of your preference, make sure you’re on the same page before starting a collaboration. 

If possible, find opportunities to directly speak to more people on their team before signing that contract. Again, the point is to determine if your values, outlooks, and hopes align with the services they can deliver.

One last thing: while testimonials and reviews may occasionally provide some valuable insights, keep in mind that they’re not always reliable. Therefore, we believe you should focus on the vendor’s portfolio and business-to-business approach.


Final Thoughts on Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Naturally, competition for customer attention has always been intense in the foodservice industry. And as it only grows fiercer, you must work your way right into what your customers crave and expect – as with all things food. That being said, a professional digital marketing agency can set up that solid, long-lasting bridge between you and your target audience.

That’s precisely what Dine Agency strives to do. So even if you’ve only got a marketing-related question, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re always happy to hear from people! And do check out our FAQ page & Case Studies in the meantime!

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