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Frequently asked questions

Are you new to online retail, or would you like to find out more information on the services provided by Dine Agency? Be sure to browse this simple FAQ page for some quick answers.

Is it expensive to run an online business?

It depends on your choices and needs. Suppose you hire several companies to manage different segments of your online business (think of marketing campaigns, customer support, technical maintenance). In that case, the costs add up, and it can all get quite expensive. However, opt for one agency that performs all of these tasks for a monthly subscription, and your digital expenses drop substantially.

Do I need only one website to start selling online?

The short answer is YES; you can start selling online using a single platform. But we recommend that you also set up one or more social media accounts to drive new customers to your brand. Additionally, it’s best to have two different platforms when targeting both B2B and B2C sectors (wholesale distribution and home deliveries).

What are the actual benefits of going digital?

It all amounts to market expansion. Considering that 25% of Americans have turned to online retail, you get to win over a broader audience, upscale your business, and close more sales in a pretty short time. In addition, your clients enjoy 24/7 access to your products while you supervise your online branch from virtually anywhere.



How long does it take to set up my digital services?

We take between one and three months, depending on what you need.

Do you redesign existing websites?

Definitely. Our team will transform and rebrand any website or platform by fusing emergent trends with your unique business vision.

Can you manage my website after it goes live?

It’s what we do best! Our main package covers all there is to digital management under a monthly subscription. We perform technical maintenance, offer customer support, articulate your marketing campaigns, and improve your brand voice. In addition, our specialized teams will develop, launch, and manage your websites and platforms so that you can focus on your offline business.

How do we communicate throughout the setup process, and what do you need from me?

Before we begin working on your project, we’re going to discuss and schedule all of the steps needed to set up or optimize your online infrastructure.

Once the plan is set in motion, we schedule periodic meetings to keep you fully informed of our progress and accommodate your feedback. As a rule of thumb, we strive to turn your inputs and ideas into workable strategies. And if you wish to leave all that thinking to us, you always get the final say over what goes live on your platforms.

Will my website work on smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices?

All of our platforms are fully optimized and responsive on any browser, tablet, or smartphone.

Will my current website go offline while you upgrade it?

No – we know that it’s essential always to keep your online business up and running. So we’ll work in parallel, ensuring that your current website never goes offline before its new version goes live.

Can you get my sites to rank high in Google searches?

Surely so! We guarantee your website ranks high in Google searches and you receive monthly updates on our marketing efforts.

Will you write all of my content? How do you know what works best for me?

We can write anything from optimized website content to blog articles, social media posts, newsletters, and ad campaigns. In addition, our feedback meetings ensure that we understand your vision and apply it accordingly.

Can you run marketing campaigns with immediate results?

We’re onto that! If you opt for our marketing services, your online business will draw all the benefits of an effective inbound strategy: fun promotions, engaging newsletters, as well as targeted Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ad campaigns.

Can you set up or rebrand my social media accounts?

No doubt. We can either fully set up or change the face and voice of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest accounts.



What if I can't manage my entire digital infrastructure? Can you do it for me?

Our objective is to take away a great deal of weight and worry off your shoulders. This is because you only have to deliver the orders while our teams handle everything else.

Do I have to be from New York to work with you?

No, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across the US. Being from a different city or state has never influenced the quality and impact of our work.

Do you outsource your projects?

No. We have our dedicated tech and marketing specialists who coordinate and cooperate in carrying out all the work.

Will you offer domain registration and website hosting services?

If you already have a domain, we can work with it. On the contrary, if you’d like to host your website elsewhere, leave the task to our experts.

What if I am not happy with the services you provide?

We will do everything in our power to prevent, track down, and fix any obstacle or problem. However, if you still decide to stop working with us, we only require one month’s notice.

What happens to my website if I move to a different digital agency?

Rest assured. Your website will stay yours no matter what.

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