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FoodsBasics is a third-generation, family-owned wholesale foodservice supplier established in 1988 and based in Brooklyn, NYC. Its chief goal is to extend quickly & sustainably

To service more and more hospitality businesses in the Tri-State Area, FoodsBasics has turned to online B2C sales as a means of expanding its wholesale delivery services.


Your company could also benefit from digital growth. Tell us your goals, and we will point you to a winning strategy.


    AIMS &

    In short, FoodsBasics wishes to build its online business and extend its scope to include home deliveries (DTC services).

    On that account, Dine Agency is in the process of developing a fully optimized, client-focused, and brand-tailored eCommerce website for its business-to-customer needs.

    As soon as it’s launched, we will boost its Google ranking and raise brand awareness using creative marketing and social media campaigns.

    FoodsBasics - Case Study

    The overall goal is to turn FoodsBasics into a reliable online business. So how do we plan to do it?

    icon FIRSTLY

    Dine Agency will drive relevant customers to the brand-new website by ensuring its content is optimized for search engines like Google (SEO).

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    We'll keep track of trends, market demands, and client expectations to ensure that FoodsBasics stays on top of the online game & stands out from the digital crowd.

    As more and more food wholesale businesses turn to online solutions, the foreseeable challenge is to ensure that FoodsBasics makes it to the top, using digital networking to win new clients in the Tri-State Area.

    Solutions We’re Working On

    Dine Agency is currently working on setting up FoodsBasics’ home deliveries (B2C) platform. As soon as the website
    goes live, we’ll kick off a smart inbound marketing strategy to quickly make it known to the relevant online audience.


    B2C Website Implementation

    Work in Progress.


    Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns

    Soon Launching.

    B2C Website implementation B2C Website Implementation

    Dine Agency is creating a fully integrated B2C e-marketplace, ensuring quick online orders, easy customer management, as well as synched physical and online inventories - an overall cost-effective approach to B2C eCommerce.

    Growth Arrow1 Integrated Digital Marketing Campaigns

    To draw in new customers to FoodsBasics' new platform and attract a large online audience, our teams will roll out a well-targeted digital marketing strategy centering on:


    Setting up engaging social media platforms (Facebook & Instagram) and keeping up with the latest industry trends.


    Staying on track with the latest best practices in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


    Initiating Google, email & social media campaigns with a significant ROI.

    On top of generating organic website traffic, our marketing campaigns will ensure that FoodsBasics displays the finesse expected of a reliable digital brand, drawing the highest value from its online presence.

    Client Feedback & Results

    Results will be published three months after the full implementation of our digital solution. So stay tuned!

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